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Southbest Airlines

Shown here are three examples of my creations.



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Flying Solo Too Low

These whimsical creations are one-of-a-kind hand-crafted originals.


Each one is created by assembling metal, wood and plastic parts from everyday household and industrial items found in flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and church rummage sales. The metal parts such as chrome and aluminum are buffed, while the brass and copper parts are cleaned up if necessary, and varnished to preserve luster. The assemblages are held together mainly with screws, bolts and nuts to achieve lasting durability. 


They make wonderful conversation pieces when displayed in either the home or office, and people have a lot of fun identifying the familiar (or not so familiar) parts that are on each assemblage. I spend a lot of time looking for once-useful items and miscellaneous parts of items. Back in the studio, I then conceptualize a whimsical train, car, hot air balloon, airplane, motorcycle, or perhaps a critter. Sometimes I will find some particularly inspiring object, and that will serve as a springboard for an idea.


At other times, I will have in mind a certain type of piece I want to create and will utilize what items I have on hand. I work exclusively from my imagination (no sketches) and spend a lot of time cleaning and polishing the parts. Nothing is welded and I rarely use glue. Once in a while I'll use nails. The result is a fun, interesting, and completely original display of mostly recognizable parts given new life. Recycling at its finest!



My phone number:  972-423-6012

My e-mail:  jgarrison35@verizon.net



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Dark Green Streert Machine

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