Jay Garrison

Creative Art From Recycled Objects


Hangers - Page 2

         The hangers should be hung from the ceiling above eye level. They look good over a bar, in a play room, or in any corner.





Aerial View Of Circuit City

Price: $135

Size: 22" W x 18" H x 3" Deep

Approximate weight: 3 pounds


FOUND OBJECTS USED:  Various circuit boards assembled on a wooden panel with a wooden frame.

Float Like A Butterfly

Price: $385

Size: 18" L x 9" W x 22" H

Approximate weight: 6 pounds


FOUND OBJECTS USED:  World globe covered with cloth patchwork, trophy parts, brass bell, part of a ricer, wooden napkin holder, wooden box, aluminum fan blade, wristwatch, circuit board, brass wings from a wall decoration, temperature gauge from an outdoor grill,  parts from miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, plus other small items.

Flying Colors #4

Price: $395

Size: 24" L x 21" W x 19" H

Approximate weight: 7 pounds


FOUND OBJECTS USED:  The main body is a wooden knife holder. Other parts include a vase, a small pink mailbox, an aluminum fan blade, cut-off ceiling fan blades, part of a bird house, circuit boards, gears, Christmas tree lights, parts of 2 wine cork removers, tart tins, scissors, wristwatch, typewriter and computer parts, plus other small items.

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