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Creative Art From Recycled Objects


Sitters - Page 3

A sitter will give a distinctive look to any table, shelf, credenza, hearth or bookcase.




Back Seat Driver

Price: $385

Size: 22" L x 7" W x 14" H

Approximate weight: 7 pounds


RECYCLED OBJECTS USED:  The main body is a section of a wooden bed post. Other parts include an aluminum duct elbow, a decorative wine cork remover handle, trophy eagle, lamp parts, temprature dial, clock part, telephone keypad, typewriter and computer parts, parts from kitchen gadgets, plus other small items.

Red Hot Road Rocker

Price: $385

Size: 17" L x 7" W x 10.5" H

Approximate weight: 5 pounds


FOUND OBJECTS USED:  Wooden knife holder, wooden wall sconce, small painted red rocking chair, dental mirrors, brass candle holders, parts from oil lamps, drawer handles, gears, faucet handle, music box, typewriter, calculator and computer parts, miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, plus other small items.

Boogie Buggy

Price: $385

Size: 21" L x 7" W x 12" H

Approximate weight: 8 pounds


FOUND OBJECTS USED:  Wooden playing cards shoe, part of kitchen appliance, electric motor housing, pressure gauge, top part of 2 small brass goblets, brass plant mister, drawer handle, clock dial, dental mirrors, typewriter and computer parts, circuit boards, tart tins, miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, plus other small items.

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